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Welfare-friendly veal from South East Cornwall
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Here's what people are saying about Bocaddon Farm Veal:
Customer comments...
 “My husband pronounced your veal the best he had ever had. Given that I have bought from a variety of very good suppliers previously, this is high praise indeed! I will be in touch again in the future.” - B Holloway

“The veal was truly delicious. Many thanks.” - D Birch, Liverpool

“The veal arrived this morning - beautifully wrapped and packed, with a sheet of helpful hints and recipe suggestions. What a fantastic gift!!!” - Dr D Clifford, Oxford


“The veal is just beautiful. We look forward to ordering again in the hopefully not too distant future. Thank you for offering such a fantastic service.” – Paula Clatworthy, Cornwall

“Thanks for the excellent service” – H Malyan, Truro

“We are impressed with both the packaging and the quality of the meat, and look forward to some good eating!” – K & M Hearnden, Leicester
“Our veal order arrived safely and on time, for which many thanks. I have to tell you that the veal was better than any I have tasted in a very long time.”  - K Knott, Oxon
And What the Papers Say...
May 2008
In our most comprehensive and high-profile review to date, Andrew Webb has written about us for the Channel 4 food website.  In a related article, he also writes about local chef and Real Veal customer Nathan Outlaw and his treatment of our veal amongst other ingredients
April 2008
Taste Cornwall has named Bocaddon Farm Veal as one of the 'Top Five Diversifications' in an article on food and farming in the Duchy.  This is not available to view online, but can be bought with the latest edition of Inside Cornwall magazine.
March 2008
One of our best customers, Dom Sadler from The Old Sail Loft restaurant in Looe, has contributed a veal recipe to the latest edition of food, the South West's guide to great eating.
January 2008
An excellent article has appeared in Yes Chef! Magazine, the impressive new publication for chefs and professional foodies alike.  The article focuses on Cornish produce, and features Bocaddon Farm Veal along with other local food and drink producers.  Unfortunately the article isn't available to view online, but you'll find it in Issue 4 if you're lucky enough to get your hands on a copy.
July 2007
Food critic Jay Rayner reviewed Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Fowey for The Observer, and his dining companion ate our veal!  Here is what she had to say about it.  And here is Jay's restaurant review.
Incidentally, another review of this restaurant, mentioning our delicious veal, can be found here.
June 2007
Rose Prince has focussed on our little corner of Cornwall for her weekly Shop Local article in The Daily Telegraph, and we get a mention here (pages 2 and 3).
March 2007
A good article has been written about us in Cornwall Foodfinder Bites, a bi-monthly newsletter for the local catering industry.  You can read it here.