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Welfare-friendly veal from South East Cornwall
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Bocaddon Farm Veal delivered to your door.
For outstanding value, look at our special selection boxes with free delivery:
Next available delivery date - 08/07/08 (please order by 02/07/08)
Veal Box 1 - £49  "A Taste of Real Veal"
1 x Pack of 2 veal escalopes
1 x Pack of 2 veal rump steaks
2 x Veal chops
1 x Veal breast joint (boned and rolled)
500g Diced veal
500g Veal mince
1 pack veal sausages
Veal Box 2 - £88  "The Real Veal Deal"
2 x Pack of 2 veal escalopes
2 x Pack of 2 veal rump steaks
1kg Osso Buco (shin of veal)
1 x 2 rib roasting joint on bone
1 x Veal breast joint (boned and rolled)
1kg Diced veal
1kg Veal mince
2 packs veal sausages
To order either of the above boxes and arrange payment, please email, phone or write to us using the details on the 'Contact Us' page of this website.
Our preferred methods of payment are by cheque or bank transfer.  Details will be provided on receipt of an order or enquiry.
NB Special orders for any cut can also be accommodated and are very welcome.  However, these may be subject to a delivery charge if not ordered in conjunction with one of the above veal boxes.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Veal will be sent in temperature controlled boxes on 24 hour courier service.  The meat is guaranteed to remain cool during transit.
  • Veal boxes will generally be despatched on a Monday for delivery on a Tuesday before noon.  Alternative times can be arranged if required
  • We regret that we cannot stipulate an exact time for delivery.  You are therefore strongly advised to provide alternative instructions in case you are out when the delivery arrives (eg leave with neighbour, in porch etc)
  • All veal will be fresh and suitable for home freezing.
  • In the unlikely event that a certain cut is not available, we reserve the right to substitute with a similar cut of equal or greater value.